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Watercraft Insurance

So you Love the Outdoors Life and the Wind in you Hair and you're lucky enough to own a Boat or Jet ski, let Golden-Shield Insure your prized possession for you.

We comprehensively Cover the following Items for your boat up to the Sum Insured specified on the Policy :

  • Any Boat / Small Craft up to 9 meters in length with a Maximum speed of 100 kph
  • Hull, Inboard and Outboard Motors
  • Rudders, Propellers & Hoardings
  • Sails and Masts, Riggings, Fixtures and Fittings
  • Salvage Charges
  • Medical Expenses up to R10 000 per person who may be accidentally injured whilst on the craft
  • Loss of or Damage caused to the craft whilst it is in the custody or control of another Individual/s as long as the person is over 21 Years of Age and Complies with the Policy Conditions
  • Liability Cover for the following:
    • Third Party Liability of up to R1 Million
    • Passenger Liability of up to R1 Million
    • Water-Skier Liability of up to R250 000

The following Items can also be covered but would have to be specified as follows:

  • Moorings
  • Nets, Fishing Gear
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Diving Gear
  • Accessories for the Boat Including Life Jackets etc.
  • Sextants and Nautical Books

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