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All Risks Insurance

What is All Risks Insurance:

All Risks Insurance refers specifically to your Property at Risk away from your home. Your Wearing Apparel and Personal Effects would be covered under the Unspecified All Risks Section and then any of the following types of items will also have to be Individually Specified in order to enjoy cover as follows:

  • Pedal Cycles
  • Mobile Communication Devices (Cell Phones, 3G Mobile Data Cards, GPS's)
  • Computing Equipment and Accessories (Laptops, Notebooks and Palmtops)
  • Portable Gaming Equipment
  • Radios, Cassette Tape Players and Compact Disc Players (including cassette players and CD Players installed into Motor Vehicle
  • Caravan Contents
  • Wheelchairs
  • Items of Jewellery whose value is in excess of R1000.OO
  • Sports Equipment & Firearms
  • Spectacles & Sunglasses etc...

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