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Important Information

  • When applying for insurance cover, your full previous claims history must be disclosed.
  • Cover is only in force if your premiums are paid and the onus is on you to inform us of any change in your banking details.
  • We must be informed of any change in the risk, for instance change in physical address and security protections.
  • Review your policy on a regular basis to enusre that you are adequately insured.
  • To avoid the application of average/under insurance, at the time of a claim, your Household Contents sum insured must be adequate to cater for replacement values.
  • It is wise to complete and Inventory Form, itemising the contents of your household goods. These forms are available on request.
  • Motor vehicles depreciate in value and it is therefore necessary to review the Retail every six months.
  • Any extras, non-standard items fitted to your vehicle, must be specified separately to ensure that the sum insured is correct.
  • Proof of ownership, valuation certificates or purchase invoices, on jewellery and other valuable items, such as photographic, electronic equipment etcetera, will be required at the time of a claim.
  • Reasonable proof of ownership will also be required on household items, such as furniture, sound systems and other appliances.
  • Security requirements must be met. Depending on the risk we may only require the minimum, which is burglar bars and security gates, unless you have an alarm system, which is linked to a 24 hour armed response control room.
  • Valuable personal items, taken outside of the house, such as jewellery, watches, cell phones, electronic devices, photographic equipment, etcetera, must be specified under the All Risks section of the policy.
  • The premium on a motor vehicle is calculated on the information you provide to us. You therefore have to declare at the proposal stage whether the vehicle is being used for private of business purposes.
  • The minimum security requirements in respect of a motor vehicle is a factory fitted VESA / VSS approved immobiliser, depending on the value of the vehicle, we may require a satellite tracking device in addition to that.
  • Although we offer an open driver policy, the premiums are based on the risk profile of the regular driver of the vehicle. It is thus imperative that you disclose the correct information to us at the quotation stage. Should an additional person also become the regular driver of the vehicle, it must be declared to us immediately.
  • Your vehicle will be insured on a comprehensive basis and you have to ensure that it is in a roadworthy condition at all times.
  • You have the option to include Car Hire cover. Should your vehicle be involved in an accident or gets stolen or hijacked, a vehicle will be made available to you whilst your vehicle is being repaired or whilst we are processing the theft claim.

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